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Naan Pocen

Having Life Insurance is not a luxury but a necessity and it is surprisingly affordable. Ask me how!

Life/Health Insurance Coverage

2020 has exposed us to the variety of holes in our security plans. If anything, we know now, that simply having a savings account is never enough to handle life’s challenges that get thrown at us unexpectedly, like the global pandemic we have all had to navigate in 2020.

Minorities and people of colour are amongst the majority of the population unaware of what a huge difference being insured will make to their lives and their loved ones’. The exciting news is that it is a lot more affordable than you think and the vastness of coverage you receive will set your mind at ease, knowing the things that really matter are taken care of.

We have access to over 100+rated carriers in the USA that provide the best solution for your budget. There are a variety of policies to cover you, no matter your needs.

Don’t leave your family in a financial bind, especially because Go Fund me is not always a reliable alternative.

For residents in Washington DC, Louisiana, New York, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia, call (860) 989 9355. You don’t have to buy a policy, but it won’t hurt to be informed of your options.

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