Making Changes…

I have not written in a long time. I have not stopped writing, I only stopped blogging it. However, the past couple of years have been very eventful for me. I moved house, severed ties with people that needed to go – Think people whose friendship turned out to be toxic, givers that (video) recorded my receiving to share with whoever needed to know they give the needy, person setting a house aflame with the kid and I in it simply because they wanted us gone (still not sure if they meant gone from this life…)

But we moved, and moved, and moved and then I landed a great job, the kid graduated high school and started college…Yes, it has been a very busy eventful couple of years.

I took a pause.

I needed to stop and let Naan Breath, let Naan find herself again, dwell on introspection in the quietness of solitude in order to see Naan again. To hear her, to feel exactly what Naan needs to carve out the life she deserves, what to put up with and what to let go of and how to go about redefining living, going forward.

I am in a good place. No I am in a GREAT PLACE!!

It has been awfully quiet. I go to work and come home to my art. I spend a lot of moments in meditation and it has been divine. I don’t miss socializing, if anything , stepping back has given me clarity on who and what friendship looks like, as opposed to who and what I thought it was. I have learned a lot in these past two years. I understand better what about me attracted the narcissists that have robbed me of time and effort and almost destroyed me.

I also have learned, what about me was not edifying or gracious to people I had crossed paths and part ways with. I don’t regret anything. I have had moments of deep hurt where I thought I will never have what it takes to forgive the hurt and deep betrayal. However, in my moments of solitude and meditation, I emerged thankful to the severance. In retrospect, the severance was necessary for me to thrive, So I remain deeply grateful especially for this one broken bond that needed to happen!

I am still standing.

I have made a lot of changes in personality and in spirit. There is so much to say. So much… but I’ll get there by and by because I will be blogging again. Change is good, but life becomes sweet when we let change to happen and I am basking in that sweetness…

Peace begins with me.

©Naan Pocen 2023

4 responses to “Making Changes…”

  1. I am so happy that you are embracing the changes with grace and wisdom. Great blog post, my friend! May your future relationships be nurturing!

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    1. Thanks Beautiful. Yes life is easier if we don’t swim against the tide.


  2. This was a good read.
    This is what I think
    This is such an inspiring and uplifting post! It’s so important to take a pause and focus on ourselves so we can truly thrive. I’m so glad to hear that you are in a great place and have learned so much from your experiences. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!
    Thanks, Ely

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    1. Ely thank you for taking a pause to read my blog and thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated.


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